30 Years Experience

Passion forwhat we do andwho we serve

MaRCTech2, Inc. is an honest and trusted partner focused on providing high-quality services and results that build an inter-connected network of clients, engineers & manufacturers.

Caring Solutions Expert

Starting with manufacturing supplies distribution and equipment and now landing on components, PCBs and injection molding, we are experienced from the manufacturing floor to the executive conference room.

Being incredibly connected in the Northwest market, we are able to put people and companies together to create great synergy, a strong network and trusted solutions.

Power & Components


Plastics & Decoration

Printed Circuit Boards

24-Hour Turn
Trace/Space .00015/.00015

Quick-Turn Prototype to Production
Domestic and Offshore

Simple to HDI (.002/.002)
Any Layer and Stacked Microvia
Blind/Buried, Via-in-Pad, Filled Vias

30:1 aspect ratio
Flex and Rigid-Flex
Heavy Copper
Aluminum and IMS materials
All Surface Finishes
Asia Materials as well as Domestic

Expertise with design for manufacturability

Combining our history with a progressive attitude and commitment to supporting our customers, MaRCTech2, Inc., offers solutions allowing them to best compete in their space.

With our vast experience, we understand the manufacturing process from concept to design to actual production; supporting domestic or offshore with strong partners in all regions.