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Military Manufacturing Companies

Military Contract Manufacturing companies that produce products for the military.

We are honored to serve military manufacturing companies (aka defense contractors)

Since turn of the century - contract manufacturing of military electronics has become a major industry. Contract manufacturers work primarily for systems integrators focusing on areas such as machining, mechanical and electrical assemblies, power systems, lasers, optics, sensors, robotics, vehicular controls, RF systems, satellite instrumentation, environmental stress screening, G-force testing, and electronic circuit card assembly.

Contract military manufacturers may produce unique components they design or those designed by a contractor which includes many stages; development, prototyping and modeling, assembly, fabrication, tooling, manufacturing, qualification testing, procurement, and logistics services to meet the contractor's requirements.

The team at MaRCTech2 has a broad network of companies that provide skilled workforces for aerospace and defense manufacturing, design, and supply chain management for high-mix, low- to medium-volume products and electronic and mechanical solutions. We can help introduce you to resources that will complement original equipment manufacturers' core competencies and reduce program costs.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need support!


Jennifer Eby