Jennifer Eby, Vice President

Strong, Networked Connector

Having worked in the Electronics and Manufacturing Industry for 30 years, I am the Solutions Expert you can come to with sourcing challenges, high integrity solutions or for partnership feedback.


Highly networked, excellent program management skills, trusted and honest, printed circuit boards, electronics manufacturing, injection molding, passive components, power products, strategic partnerships, high integrity, power supplies, electrolytic capacitors, flexible circuits, rigid-flex circuits.

Residing in the Manufacturers’​ Representative world, I look forward to the opportunity to guide decisions and support your most complex commodities. You would come to me when you need a quality solution for PCB’s (domestic or offshore), Flexible Circuits, Magnetics, Injection Molding, High Reliability Power Supplies, Electronic Components and a variety of others. Over the years I have built very strong and trusted relationships with Supply Chain teams, Engineers, Designers, Presidents and CEO’s.