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[title type="special-h4-left"]25 Years of Experience[/title][spacer height="15px"]

Combining our history with a progressive attitude and commitment to supporting our customers, MaRCTech2, Inc., offers solutions allowing them to best compete in their space.

Starting with manufacturing supplies distribution and equipment and now landing on components, PCBs and injection molding, we are experienced from the manufacturing floor to the executive conference room.

Being incredibly connected in the Northwest market, we are able to put people and companies together to create great synergy, a strong network and trusted solutions.

Expertise with design for manufacturability

With our vast experience, we understand the manufacturing process from concept to design to actual production; supporting domestic or offshore with strong partners in all regions.

[title type="special-h4-left"]Our Line Card Focus[/title][spacer height="15px"][title type="special-h6"]PCB'S (RIGID, RIGID-FLEX AND FLEX, SPECIALTY MATERIALS)[/title]

[title type="special-h6"]ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS[/title]

[title type="special-h6"]CUSTOM MAGNETICS[/title]


[title type="special-h6"]INJECTION MOLDING[/title]

[title type="special-h6"]ADDITIONAL TECH & PRODUCTS[/title]

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Offering the Best Service, Quality and Solutions to our Customers and Principals

[title type="special-h4-left"]The Comprehensive Manufacturers' Choice[/title][spacer height="15px"][content_box type="without-header"]Our organization and systems are built around the ability to provide end-to-end solutions for all of your Engineering, Quality, Operational and Supply Chain needs. Other Technologies or certifications needed? We have partnered with additional high quality fabricators all around the world.[/content_box][spacer height="15px"][button border_radius="2" color="emerald" title="Just Ask!" link="http://www.maaspublications.net/testsite/client2/contact/"]
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